Chiltern Lifts

Lift Refurbishment and Modernisation

Lifts are built to last, and the majority of lift owners don’t experience many problems with their lifting equipment. As time goes on, however, technology and more importantly safety standards evolve which can lead to a perfectly good and working lift becoming in need of a couple of upgrades.

The EN 81-80 standard introduced in 2003 was brought in to create greater awareness of the potential hazards caused by older lifts, and to provide a framework for bringing them up to modern safety standards. While there is no obligation for lift operators to act on guidance given under EN 81-80 we would certainly recommend that lift owners upgrade their older lifts to ensure they comply with the latest standards.

We recommend a schedule of regular servicing as a way of checking that your lift is in good working order and staying on top of any problems. As part of a service we will also notify you of any potential safety enhancements that could be made to improve the safety of your lift.

You may also be informed of potential safety improvements following a thorough examination which forms part of your insurance report (more information on our lift testing page). On this report you will be notified of any defects that require corrective action, as well as general observations. This is where we often see the term ‘this lift does not meet the current state of the art for safety’, which means the competent person who inspected your lift has identified that safety improvements could be made.

Hard-to-Replace Parts
Of course, there might also be times where there are no safety concerns, but your old lift is looking tired and in need of some TLC. As time goes on you could find that the parts you need are no longer available or have become very expensive and difficult to get hold of. Lift modernisation of can be an effective way to ensure you are using the latest parts and don’t run into this problem.

Whatever your situation, we have many years of experience in lift refurbishment and modernisation and would be happy to discuss your own unique lift modernisation needs.